“The SevenSouth Tailgating team has revolutionized our family’s tailgating experience. Kyle, Jeff, and their team provide us with un-matched customer service and a worry-free game day.”
- Mark S.

“Tailgating is our most valued tradition. It is comforting to know that we have the greatest tailgating service in the country on our side working to preserve that tradition.”
- Stephanie M.


Tailgating at it’s finest

SevenSouth Tailgating, LLC is a premier service provider in one of the most tradition rich tailgating spots in the country. SevenSouth is specialized to meet and exceed your exact needs in all areas of tailgating. Our desire is to take the work and stress out of tailgating, and to enrich that already wonderful tailgating experience.


SevenSouth Tailgating, LLC was founded in Oxford, MS in 2009 at one of the greatest tailgating venues in the country, The Grove at The University of Mississippi. SevenSouth is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Kyle and Jordyn Thornton. SevenSouth Tailgating provides game day tailgating services to thousands of fans, and is responsible for over 400 tents on any given game weekend. We are committed to excellence, and committed to enriching the already wonderful tailgating experience for fellow Buff fans.

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“SevenSouth has been great for our tailgate. We always know where we are going to be and their professional staff are great with all of our tents and tables. If you want it done right, I would highly recommend SevenSouth for all your tailgate needs.”
- Jeff




1 (10x10) CU Branded Tent
2 (5ft) White Tables
6 Black Folding Chairs
1 (50 Qt.) Cooler with 20lbs of Ice

For specific details, please contact CU athletics and/or Kyle Thornton with SevenSouth Tailgating.

“We bring food and drinks, SevenSouth does the rest. When we arrive, our tailgate is completely setup the right way, in the right spot, every time."
- Lawrence F.




In addition to the Franklin Field Tailgate Zone base package, certain items will be available for rent and setup on a season long or game by game basis.

Click the Order Now button for options and pricing.

*all items and prices are based on availability.


In addition to the base package, Franklin Field Tailgate Zone patrons have the ability to utilize personal tailgate equipment and to take advantage of the convenience of storing tailgate equipment with us throughout the season.

All fan owned items to be stored and setup by SevenSouth should be camping/portable style equipment. Due to limited storage capacity on campus, we strongly encourage you to coordinate your rental and storage needs with us during the pre-season.
Fans are encouraged to be creative and work with us to build a tailgate experience that suits your exact needs!

Personal Equipment Setup and Storage:

Personal items that SevenSouth will store and set up for no additional charge:

  • Up to two (2) tables (6ft. max. length)
  • Up to six (6) chairs (must be a collapsible tailgating/camping type chair)
  • One (1) cooler (60qt. max; Ice sold separately

Personal items that SevenSouth will store and set up for an additional fee*:

  • Grills (Camping type/portable grills encouraged)
  • Generator (60 db max. portable)
  • Corn Hole Tailgate Game
  • Flag Pole and Flag (telescoping pole)
  • Signage/banners
  • Storage Bin (used for décor, utensils, etc.)

SevenSouth is not liable for any stolen or damaged personal items. Fans are not limited to the items above, and you may call or email anytime for pricing and information regarding items not listed.


SevenSouth Tailgating will have representatives on site every game day to assist you as needed. We want your tailgating experience to be as hassle free as possible. Therefore, we will have representatives and carts available upon request. You may contact us on game day by visiting our SevenSouth welcome tent, or by calling our game day phone line (to be updated at a later date).


Each person(s) who secures a tailgating package on Franklin Field will be assigned a group identification (ID) number. The group ID number will coordinate directly with your location on Franklin Field. Franklin Field has four sides that will be identified as North, South, East, or West. Your group ID will include a letter indicating which side of the field you are on, as well as a number (e.g. W14). If your ID is W14, you are tent number 14 on the West side of the field. The Indoor Practice Facility is North, Stadium is West, Folsom Rd. is East, and Colorado Ave. is South. The group ID numbers will be assigned by the University when you reserve your tailgate package, and that will be the same number we use as your customer identification number. Anytime you call, send payments, send requests, etc., you will use this number to identify yourself.


1) Once you have booked and paid for your base package through the university, all other additional fees for add-ons and package customizations will be paid through SevenSouth.
2) You may bring any and all items you wish to and from the games yourselves, as long as they fall within the University guidelines.
3) We will not transport or store any gasoline containers, nor propane tanks containing larger than a 1 pound capacity.
4) All personal items being added on to your reserved package and stored throughout the season should be approved and reserved by SevenSouth.
5) SevenSouth reps will be available to assist customers, as needed, beginning 6 hours before kickoff (or 8am).
6) Representatives from SevenSouth will be wearing security green vests with the SevenSouth Tailgating logo on them. If they do not have on the vest, they are not employees of SevenSouth.
7) Waste bins will be provided by CU. Fans should take every step necessary to keep CU beautiful by placing waste in its appropriate receptacle.
8) Personal items being stored and setup by SevenSouth should be agreed upon and reserved prior to the first game. Any items not agreed upon that are left after a game are not the responsibility of SevenSouth.
9) The manager over the Boulder division of SevenSouth is Jeff Thornton. He will be on site at all times and happy to assist you.
10) For reservations, add-ons, inquiries, and all other non-game day needs, you will contact SevenSouth directly at (662) 321-1682 or kyle@sevensouthtm.com. For all needs on the day of the game, you will contact manager Jeff Thornton directly (number to be released at a later date).


Kyle Thornton

Founder / Co-Owner
B.B.A. Human Resource Management – University of Mississippi
B.B.A. Marketing – University of Mississippi

Jordyn Thornton

B.S. Nutrition and Hospitality Management – University of Mississippi
M.S. Food and Nutrition Services – University of Mississippi

Jeff Thornton

Manager – Boulder Operations
United States Air Force Technical School – Marquette University
25 Years of Previous Management Experience
Former Production Manager – Hancock Fabrics, Inc.



Please contact us any time, and a rep from SevenSouth will be happy to assist you, day or night. We are here for you when you need us, and look forward to being able work with you in 2019. Feel free to contact us directly, or use the feature below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

SevenSouth Tailgating, LLC
Phone: (662) 321-1682
E-mail: kyle@sevensouthtm.com

“SevenSouth, thanks for a GREAT tailgate season. Y'all do such a good job & everyone at the Colonel's Corner Tailgaters appreciate your hard work.”
- Rick W.